3 hard weeks of training is over….

Finally 3 hard weeks of training is over…i really need some rest now. But as you all might know. The more we are able to break down our body, the better we get when we rest. No pain, no gain.

It ended today with a nice bike ride over hilly landscape, 95km – 3h40 min with series (3x20min Z-4) worth mentioning that it was 37 degrees outside and no wind. Yes, we suffered.

I know i shouldn’t complain, but its too hot!!!



Primo Mario and Larsson in Lisboa…



Going to Lisbon with Primo Mario…



It was hot inside the car….ok, it wasnt more than 38-39 outside…


Lanidor has nice summer dresses 😉 for a good price…





nice library in Saldanha Atrium



They were shooting a TV Comercial





Lovely Ice Cream…





Primo with his ice cream












Mo Farah

What can i say…

Olympic Gold medal in 5000 and 10000m…

See for yourselves, last 400m, no comments.

Mo Farah celebrates winning the men's 5,000m final at the European Championships in Helsinki in June


Pain is weakness leaving yr body…

Summer has arrived and its too hot outside. this week its been between 35-39 degrees. I have a hard time sleeping in this heat.

Training is going well and on sunday 3 weeks of very hard training will end. My body is tired and im looking forward to some rest…

Yesterday i did some nice series with Primo Mario. We did series in Z-5 (3´45″/km)

The menu was: 5´ + 3 x 2´30″ + 4 x 1´15″ all in Z-5. Both of us collapsed after the workout. I did force Mario to go to the gym after, but we didnt manage to do that much, we were dead 🙂

This morning i did my daily swim workout, (4500m) and before lunch i took a break from school work and went for a run with my dear Team mate Joao Curado. He is one of the best male athletes in the country and represented Portugal in the European championship for Juniors back in 2011. A very talented young man.

Joao is the guy on the left

Joao Curado

I almost died during our workout… My legs were burning and i just wanted to lie down and cry. But i kept on thinking of my ice cold Coca Cola back home 🙂 Its amazing how far you can push yr body… truly amazing…


Oh by the way! i saw the doc yesterday and i wont be doing another MRI. The pain is not related to the meniscus but the training load im doing right now, thank god 🙂

Here are some pics from last saturday when we went to see Eisenhower…







I will never complain about the hills in Monsanto again ;)

This afternoon im going for a ride with Primo in Monsanto, which means hills. We have 1h30 slow ride. Its always hard to go slow, but we will try 😉

I will never complain about the hills in Monsanto. Next stop in the ITU World Triathlon series will be in Kitzbühel.

The course is scary….just take a look for yourselves…that’s what i call climbing

The bike course…ouch!



And the run…another ouch on that one

the run



One to go….

The exam went well yesterday 🙂 Friday i have my last exam in quality management.

Cant wait to finish school…

After school André and i went to have some of my favorite food, sushi. We have found a very nice place close to our house. We pay 15€ and we can eat as much as we want, lovely.

Tomorrow im going to see my doctor. The knee has been causing some trouble lately. Lets see if i don’t have to do another MRI 😦 The doctor has been telling me that its normal to have pain after the surgery…i hope im ok


Study 004

Yummy 🙂 sushi…

Splash!!! what an experience

It was great fun and yes i was quite nervous  its not everyday that yr on national TV showing swim suits…

Got to the show at 4pm to get hair and make-up done. Then it was a long waiting…we only entered at 10:30pm..

But i enjoyed it a lot 😀  i got to meet nice people and some crazy celebrities…

here are some pics from the evening!



getting my hair done…


and make-up


ready for the show…







The sun is shining….

I hope you had a very nice midsummer.

We had a very good time.

The sun is shining today and its going to be a warm day. My morning workout is done. We did a brick (bike+ run) in Monsanto. We did 3x (3km on the bike + 1km run) Im very tired from the past week, but i did a nice workout…

My knee has been irritating me a bit. Thursday i went for a run and i hit a branch with the foot and my knee twist a bit. I felt a small pain. I guess that after a surgery you are always a bit paranoid and react to any kind of pain. The doctors are saying that the pain is normal and i shouldnt worry.

This american warship Eisenhower is in Lisbon and we will go and see it this afternoon.


Starting to get a bit nervous 😉 tomorrow evening ill show the swimsuits on TV….The TV show i wrote about, SPLASH!!!