Bank Holiday

Today im not working, bank holiday in Oeiras. Last night i had my last class at uni and 3 months of vacation is awaiting me. The presentation was in quality management and it went very well. This semester didn’t go as well as last semester, but i can not be too hard on myself. Im working, training and studying, so many times i have go for “good enough”…

This morning i did a very nice swim workout, feeling very good in the water. But its impossible to compare open water swimming with a pool workout. In a race we are usually 400 people starting at the same time. If you dont get a good position from the start you end up in a water battle, which can be very painful and can jeopardize the rest of the race.

This afternoon im doing a short run workout with Primo Mario 🙂 he is a great companion and we always have great fun during our workouts 😀



This weekend im racing in Oeiras (sunday). I came 4th overall on that course last year. Its a very nice race with a very fast bike course that fits me well. However, im a bit nervous about the swim. As mentioned before, the swim will be crucial. If i dont leave the water in a good position it will be hard to catch the best girls. My swim fitness is well, so i should be able to leave in the first pack, or very close. Well, there is one girl that will leave the water before, thats Pamela Oliveira from Brazil. She raced in the Olympic Games, London and she usually leaves the water one minute before the other girls in Elite races….so, a completely different level. But its always nice to race against the best 🙂 My bike fitness is very good, so if i cant catch a nice group on the bike i should be able to perform well. The run, yes, what about the run? I honestly dont know how i will run. I have been feeling very well during my last workouts, but it will depend on how much ill push on the bike…

On monday im racing the national championship in Aquathlon (Swim and run) its a fun race and i think i can do well if im not too tired from Sundays race.




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