Mission completed….another great race :)

Mission completed, Im very happy with todays race and i got an overall podium. Finished 3rd overall ( 37 racing girls ), 3rd senior and we came 2nd in Teams.

The race was won by Pamela Oliveira, the Brazilian athlete that raced the Olympics last year..

I finished 1 minute and 9 seconds after Pamela, not bad 🙂  Its worth to mention that this was not an important race for Pamela and that she was tired from a hard week, but even so…. 🙂


Woke up at 6am this morning, wasn’t supposed to wake up until 7am, but the nerves had started to kick in. When the nervs start to kick in there is no point trying to sleep more.

Managed to eat a big bowl of my favorite cereals.  Had to eat a steady breakfast as i knew it was the only thing i would eat before that race that was scheduled for 11am.

Driving to the race is started to feel bad, a bit worse than nervous… wasn’t in the mood to race. It simply didn’t feel right today. We had decided to arrive early to the race so that i could put my material in the transition park before 9am. The transition park would re-open again at 10am, but that would have been too close to the race hour. I dont like to stress on a race day. As i get pretty nervous i need my time to prepare the material…

Slowly i was starting to feel less and less nervous, enjoying myself and started to look forward to the race…

I was feeling good during the warm-up in the water. Water temperature was nice and the sea wasn’t too choppy.

Warm-up done! it was time to head to the start line. The girls were positioned very badly. We were put on left of the start line and very far away from the first boy, which meant that we would need to swim more than the men. I put myself close to Pamela Oliveira and Sara Terinho, both good swimmers. I knew that i could never go with Pamela, but you can always try 😉 hehe

The swim was terrible!!!! I could not see the boys in the choppy water, was constantly getting hit by other swimmers…grrr….was getting quite upset. Even so i managed to leave the water in 4th place and did a great transition which meant that i caught the second girl and we headed out on the bike.

Transition park

The bike was fast and easy. 20km, average of almost 40km/h….the guys were pushing us well. Pamela was isolated in front and in my group we were 3 girls that would fight over the 2nd and 3rd place. Before the T2 (transition park where i would change for my running shoes) i strategically pushed hard to get in front of the group to make a nice transition.

The transition went well and it was time to hit the run course. Pamela was in front, but just by 30 seconds. I ran out of the transition park, but was caught early by Filipa Santos (a very strong runner) The goal was to keep the 3rd place and i managed. Was always able to see Pamela and Filipa running 150m ahead of me, which was very motivating….with some training ill get there…

Did a quite nice time on the run: 19´28″

So, to summarize…very happy with todays race 🙂

Now time to rest and recover for tomorrows national championship in Aquathlon (swim and run)


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