I am Portuguese National Champion in Aquathlon (Swim and run)…. :o))

I was not expecting this, to post about being national champion in Aquathlon… this is my first national title since i got dual citizenship…Im overall national Champion in Aquathlon and in my age-group (senior) thats why i have 2 medals around my neck 😉

Definition of aquathlon for those who dont know: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aquathlon

I was very tired this morning when i woke up, my legs were hurting from yesterdays race. I was very happy with yesterdays result, so i wasn’t really worried about todays race. would simply take it as competitive training…

The federation had put me as one of the favorites to win the race…

I arrived early to Coruche (the place of the race) as we were going to see the kids race too. It was so much fun to see the young kids race 🙂 they are so cute. The Sporting kids did very well and we got many titles among the youngsters…

I also took the opportunity to get my hair done before the race 😉 check it out


Our race was delayed for about 40 minutes (portuguese organization)….

The swim was held in a river that was very shallow and the run course was around the town.

The swim was, once again bad. Got a bad start and my goggles were filled with water. was trying to catch the first pack, but didn’t manage. swimming towards the 3rd buoy the water was so shallow that we couldn’t swim, we had to start with some dolphin diving that made me even more tired…

Left the water as 5th girl and i was feeling tired and thought that the race was over…But..

Did a fast transition and i started to run, and got damn i ran fast…passing one girl after the other 🙂 and all of a sudden i was in first place with 2.5 km to go, half way through….My legs were cooperating and i felt so good. I knew that Filipa (the girl who came second yesterday was behind me) so i was pushing it as hard as i could.

Crossing the last bridge before the finish line i almost knew the race was won, just had 200m to go. André was standing on the bridge and he informed me that the 2nd girl was 26 seconds behind. The race was mine 🙂

Passing the finish line was awesome 🙂 what a feeling! Got to take the finish line Ribbon 🙂 lovely feeling…

As soon as there are pics of the finish line ill post them 🙂

Now its time to go for a bike ride with Primo Mario, just to relax a bit 😀


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