A great workout with Primo Mario and suffering in the Pool…

Yesterday i did a very nice workout with Mario, a.k.a Primo Mario. We had a brick on the schedule (Bike and run) The purpose of the “brick” is to train the transition from the bike to the run.

We had 20 km bike + 40 min run with series. The Run series were 2 x (10´Z3 + 2×1´Z-6/1´30″)

I’m still quite tired from the race and i could feel that on the bike. Was kind of worried that i would feel very tired on the tun, but actually i was feeling great 🙂 Was running at a steady pace and managed to push myself well.



When yr looking for talents within triathlon you look for runners that swim very well or swimmers that run very well.

I’m not a swimmer. I knew how to swim before i started to train Triathlon, but not more than that. The swim has always been a struggle for me, a frustration. I have improved a lot and especially with the help of André…but im still not there!

This morning it was a real struggle, i was fighting with the water and of course, the water always win… we did a set of series: 400+300+200+300+400 and it was hurting so much. Was trying to relax, but i couldn’t…



Well, i guess ill continue my fight against the water…

Decided to post the video from the Olympic Games (Female)

If you have time, look at the swim. Pamela Oliveira (The girl i raced against on Sunday) is swimming in the first pack. These girls are great swimmers…

Would like to add that Pamela almost went to the Olympics in Swimming 2008…so you can understand the level!

Look at the gap they give to the second group….



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