Brick in Monsanto with Primo Mario and Gui…

After a successful audit yesterday i headed to Monsanto to do my afternoon workout with Gui Lopes and Primo Mario. Gui is a Sporting athlete and used to be one of the best cyclists in Portugal (Junior) He is an extremely strong cyclist…

I know im talking a lot about Monsanto. Monsanto is a big park outside of Lisbon with nice conditions to train mountain bike, road bike and running. Its actually the only place where you can ride after 6 pm due to heavy traffic. The only “problem” with Monsanto are the hills. Each lap that we do is about 10km and at least 4 are climbing.



A picture of Monsanto…

The menu for the workout was 2h bike + 35 min run.

This week i have lots of bike (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

The bike was quite hard…, Larsson was suffering a bit in the beginning. Gui was putting a nice pace and i did my best to follow in the hills. My legs are still tried after Sundays hills and today i have more hills on the menu, poor legs.

After the bike we did the run. we managed to put 3 bikes in my little Skoda 🙂 see for yourself

Monsanto 001


Was feeling great on the run! We were supposed to run in Z1 (easy pace) however, its always a bit hard to keep a low pace when running with guys 😉 Checked the Garmin and we were running at 3´54″ per km…ok, it was time to slow down….easy Larsson, easy!

Its actually something i have to learn as an athlete, go slow when im supposed to.

To summarize, the workout was very nice! Thank you Gui and Mario

Monsanto 002

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