Pain is weakness leaving yr body…

Summer has arrived and its too hot outside. this week its been between 35-39 degrees. I have a hard time sleeping in this heat.

Training is going well and on sunday 3 weeks of very hard training will end. My body is tired and im looking forward to some rest…

Yesterday i did some nice series with Primo Mario. We did series in Z-5 (3´45″/km)

The menu was: 5´ + 3 x 2´30″ + 4 x 1´15″ all in Z-5. Both of us collapsed after the workout. I did force Mario to go to the gym after, but we didnt manage to do that much, we were dead 🙂

This morning i did my daily swim workout, (4500m) and before lunch i took a break from school work and went for a run with my dear Team mate Joao Curado. He is one of the best male athletes in the country and represented Portugal in the European championship for Juniors back in 2011. A very talented young man.

Joao is the guy on the left

Joao Curado

I almost died during our workout… My legs were burning and i just wanted to lie down and cry. But i kept on thinking of my ice cold Coca Cola back home 🙂 Its amazing how far you can push yr body… truly amazing…


Oh by the way! i saw the doc yesterday and i wont be doing another MRI. The pain is not related to the meniscus but the training load im doing right now, thank god 🙂

Here are some pics from last saturday when we went to see Eisenhower…







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