Vacation approaching and some changes in the race calendar…

Vacation is approaching 🙂 as off Monday i will be on vacation for 2 weeks, cant wait. I really need to rest and i will have time to focus 100% on my preparation for London.

Yesterday i went to try my race suit for London, awesome. I will post pictures here when i have it. Ill be racing in a swim suit model.

As i wrote in some earlier posts i was supposed to do an international race in Lisbon on the 10th of august, but it was cancelled 😦 its a shame, was looking forward to this race.

Dont worry, there is always a back-up plan 🙂

This weekend ill be racing 3 races. On Saturday ill be doing an open water swim race in the morning and a 10km run race in the evening. in between the races ill do my bike workout.

Sunday ill do another open water swim race (1,2km)

Both races will take place in Algarve, so André and i will spend the weekend with my dear friend Ceci and her parents at their place in Larga Vista. Some of you reading this blog have already spent some time there and you know that its paradise…

Picture from paradise…




Ceci is a doctor and spend most of her free time practicing, just like me. We are known within the triathlon world as the TTs (Twin towers) 🙂 we are the tallest woman around…

here are some pictures of me and TT (Ceci)

TT 2


Ceci to the left





Wonderful weekend in St.André….

Last weekend the “gang” hit St.André. We were 4 couples and our Turkish friend Baykal 🙂 It was great! Training, beach, grilled fish, music festival in Sines and card games.

A picture of the gang…im missing and Henrique (he was putting gas)

st andre 127

st andre 059


st andre 063


Shopping for the weekend

I had a hard weekend of training, but i managed to do my workouts before everyone woke up. On Saturday i went for a very nice ride with my friend Joao. We did a 60km ride over a nice and hilly course. The bike was followed by 50 minute run with series (7×4 minutes Z-4)

st andre 126


We spent Saturday afternoon on the beach

st andre 090


Henrique and André playing chess


st andre 089


Saturday night we went to a music festival in Sines.

st andre 093

st andre 094


On Sunday morning, when everyone was still sleeping i headed out on a 100km bike ride with series, 3x15minutes Z-4. André followed us for about 70km, not bad at all 🙂

After the bike we went to the beach for an hour and then we headed home to grill a delicious fresh fish for lunch.

st andre 066



st andre 074



Henrique and Maria



After lunch it was time for Baykal, Henrique and Daniel to start their journey. Henrique had planned a bike trip to show Portugal to Baykal. They were actually supposed to bike from Lisbon to St. André, but they skipped that stage 😉 so, their first stage started in St.André….

st andre 107

st andre 104

st andre 101

st andre 112

st andre 115

The gang is ready to start their journey… Baykal, Henrique and Daniel.

What a lovely weekend…



Good Swim and Bike, died on the run….but a good 3rd place overall

3rd place overall female2nd senior and 2nd in Teams was the outcome of todays race and im very happy 🙂

Pictures from Podium



As you know this was another preparation race and i had two weeks of hard workouts in my legs.

I didnt really have any expectations before the race. well, my goal was to push as much as possible during the swim and bike and control the run. I wanted to come in in T2 in first place. I know that im a strong biker so that would not be impossible.

The swim finally went well. I managed to relax before the start and i was able to swim properly  We were supposed to swim 1500m, but the course measured 1800m.

VV swim

Came out 4th girl from the water, 1 minute behind the leaders. It was time to start chasing. I was heading out on the 40km hilly course.

It took me 20 minutes and i was leading the race. This race suits me well as its non drafting (you need to keep a distance of 7m to the bike in front of you). I was feeling great 🙂 2km from T2 (transition to run) the police started escorting me. Its kind of a cool feeling being isolated in front escorted by the police motorbike into T2. yeah!!!

The run…yes, the run! 4 laps, 10km… Larsson goes out hard, too hard…Larsson dies. my main competitor, Filipa Santos was 2 minutes and 40 seconds behind me. I could not keep the pace and she passed me on the 3rd lap. Andreia (2nd) passed me in the middle of the 4th lap. There was nothing, absolutely nothing i could do about it…I was gone! The legs were telling me to stop and lie down, my head made me passed the finish line 🙂

Great day of racing! Very, very happy with my very good bike (7 minutes faster than last year) and swim


Now its time to continue to train hard, no rest yet. Next race is on the 10th of August. WTP (world triathlon pro-master) ill race against elite woman in Lisbon…COOL 🙂

Pictures from our day and the race!









Ouch, this will hurt…

Just came back from the pre-race workouts. 1h of swim and 2h of bike over a quite hilly course.



Breakfast before heading out on the bike…



Before the bike workout

Ouch…it was hurting so much. Im very tired and im curious about tomorrows race. I know that this race is not important and that i will race tired, but how tired ill just know tomorrow.



on the road…

“Pain is weakness leaving your body”



Next stop on the race calendar…

Next stop on the race calendar is Vila Vicosa… located in Alentejo, on the border to Spain

VV city


VV map

It will be my first olympic distance since the injury, (1500m/40km/10km). This race is a bit different from the other races as we are not allowed to ride in “the wheel” meaning that there will be no groups on the bike and we have to keep a distance of at least 7m to the bike in front of us…

I did this race last year and i didn’t went that well. It was hot, i didn’t drink enough…well, dont have the best memories form this one.

The objectives for sunday is to finish as we need points for the team. I will try to push on the swim and bike and just control the run.

Lets see! I have been feeling well in the pool, but i have not been able to swim well at all during the races. Swim confidence is not the best right now.

Pictures from last years race…







Vila Vicosa


Great weekend and a 2nd place at the 10km race

First of all i want to say Happy Birthday to Jakob´s Anna, she turns 25 today! Happy Birthday Anna

The weekend was great!

Saturday morning started with an open water swim session. The water was just like a swimming pool, lovely!


Before the swim workout


Diogo getting ready for the swim workout


Dont know if you can see us, but we are there!


After the swim we headed out on an easy 50km bike ride. Sporting has a Triathlon school and André had invited the kids he trains in swimming for the saturday triathlon session. After our ride we went there to support the kids, they were enjoying it a lot!


Sporting triathlon school.




The kids are following me on the bike

After the bike session we headed to St.Andre to prepare for my 10km race.

I had no idea how i would feel. I was still recovering from last weekends race and i had done 2 workouts before the race. Arriving to St.Andre the preparation had already started. Usually St.Andre is quite empty, but on saturday it  was full of athletes and a great atmosphere 🙂



They were putting up tents as all the athletes were given free food (dinner) and drinks after the race.

Now, the race…

It went well 🙂 finished 2nd overall, passed the 10km at 39´50″ ….not bad. The course wasnt easy, the first 2km were uphill and as usual i started off too fast, but i managed to stabilize the rhythm in a good pace till the end…

Below are some pics from the race and the dinner party after… 🙂


Race outfit


warming up


here we go


I dont know if you can see me…


The party after





Today, sunday, i did a 3h bike ride with 1 hour in TT position (time trial position)

TT trial

Worth mentioning is that André was riding with me 😉 he has not been riding a bike for 10 year. He did very well!!! Poor André, he wont be able to walk tomorrow…