Family Dinner

Mum and Dad left Portugal this afternoon….2 weeks passed so fast. Im going to miss them.

Its always a pleasure to have them here 🙂 I hope they come back soon

Last night we went for a family dinner at Ana´s and Carlo´s place. Some of you reading this blog knows them very well.

Ana is one of my best friends and we got real close after her bike accident. She fell during a race (45km/h) with the face hitting the tarmac first…It was very scary. I’m amazed how she came back after her accident, she is a real fighter and an inspiration to all of us athletes.

We had quite some nice discussions during the dinner about accidents in Sports and insurances. I can tell you, Portugal is not Sweden. You better cover yourselves because if somethings happens to you the insurance of the Portuguese triathlon federation doesn’t cover anything, their insurance limit is 4000€. What is that if you have an accident and need to go through several surgery’s and “get a new mouth” (teeth)

Well, enough about sad insurance discussions…

Ana knows how to make nice family dinners….the table is always full of lovely food 🙂

Thank you Ana and Carlos

family dinner 003

family dinner 004

family dinner 007

family dinner 008

family dinner 010

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