Preparation race in 42 degrees…

I still don’t feel recovered from the past weeks of hard training. I thought that i would feel great this week as i have been resting, but not really….I just feel like sleeping and i feel weak.

It might be due to the fact of the crazy heat wave that has come in over Portugal. We have 39-40 C….I have lived in Portugal for 9 years and still i cant adapt to these temperatures.

This weekend im racing in Abrantes, located in the Center of Portugal. It will be over a spring distance (750m/20km/5km). Its not an important race, its just a race to prepare the big goal, London. However i do admit that i have a hard time racing preparation races, i want to be fit for fight in all 😉

Found some pics from back in 2009 (Abrantes). I remember that it rained a lot that day!








As its the national champs for clubs ill try to focus on the team result instead of my own…


The temperatures wont help! they are estimating 42 degrees for Sunday! jiiiiiipiiiiiiiiii!!!



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