Great weekend and a 2nd place at the 10km race

First of all i want to say Happy Birthday to Jakob´s Anna, she turns 25 today! Happy Birthday Anna

The weekend was great!

Saturday morning started with an open water swim session. The water was just like a swimming pool, lovely!


Before the swim workout


Diogo getting ready for the swim workout


Dont know if you can see us, but we are there!


After the swim we headed out on an easy 50km bike ride. Sporting has a Triathlon school and André had invited the kids he trains in swimming for the saturday triathlon session. After our ride we went there to support the kids, they were enjoying it a lot!


Sporting triathlon school.




The kids are following me on the bike

After the bike session we headed to St.Andre to prepare for my 10km race.

I had no idea how i would feel. I was still recovering from last weekends race and i had done 2 workouts before the race. Arriving to St.Andre the preparation had already started. Usually St.Andre is quite empty, but on saturday it  was full of athletes and a great atmosphere 🙂



They were putting up tents as all the athletes were given free food (dinner) and drinks after the race.

Now, the race…

It went well 🙂 finished 2nd overall, passed the 10km at 39´50″ ….not bad. The course wasnt easy, the first 2km were uphill and as usual i started off too fast, but i managed to stabilize the rhythm in a good pace till the end…

Below are some pics from the race and the dinner party after… 🙂


Race outfit


warming up


here we go


I dont know if you can see me…


The party after





Today, sunday, i did a 3h bike ride with 1 hour in TT position (time trial position)

TT trial

Worth mentioning is that André was riding with me 😉 he has not been riding a bike for 10 year. He did very well!!! Poor André, he wont be able to walk tomorrow…

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