Next stop on the race calendar…

Next stop on the race calendar is Vila Vicosa… located in Alentejo, on the border to Spain

VV city


VV map

It will be my first olympic distance since the injury, (1500m/40km/10km). This race is a bit different from the other races as we are not allowed to ride in “the wheel” meaning that there will be no groups on the bike and we have to keep a distance of at least 7m to the bike in front of us…

I did this race last year and i didn’t went that well. It was hot, i didn’t drink enough…well, dont have the best memories form this one.

The objectives for sunday is to finish as we need points for the team. I will try to push on the swim and bike and just control the run.

Lets see! I have been feeling well in the pool, but i have not been able to swim well at all during the races. Swim confidence is not the best right now.

Pictures from last years race…







Vila Vicosa


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