Good Swim and Bike, died on the run….but a good 3rd place overall

3rd place overall female2nd senior and 2nd in Teams was the outcome of todays race and im very happy 🙂

Pictures from Podium



As you know this was another preparation race and i had two weeks of hard workouts in my legs.

I didnt really have any expectations before the race. well, my goal was to push as much as possible during the swim and bike and control the run. I wanted to come in in T2 in first place. I know that im a strong biker so that would not be impossible.

The swim finally went well. I managed to relax before the start and i was able to swim properly  We were supposed to swim 1500m, but the course measured 1800m.

VV swim

Came out 4th girl from the water, 1 minute behind the leaders. It was time to start chasing. I was heading out on the 40km hilly course.

It took me 20 minutes and i was leading the race. This race suits me well as its non drafting (you need to keep a distance of 7m to the bike in front of you). I was feeling great 🙂 2km from T2 (transition to run) the police started escorting me. Its kind of a cool feeling being isolated in front escorted by the police motorbike into T2. yeah!!!

The run…yes, the run! 4 laps, 10km… Larsson goes out hard, too hard…Larsson dies. my main competitor, Filipa Santos was 2 minutes and 40 seconds behind me. I could not keep the pace and she passed me on the 3rd lap. Andreia (2nd) passed me in the middle of the 4th lap. There was nothing, absolutely nothing i could do about it…I was gone! The legs were telling me to stop and lie down, my head made me passed the finish line 🙂

Great day of racing! Very, very happy with my very good bike (7 minutes faster than last year) and swim


Now its time to continue to train hard, no rest yet. Next race is on the 10th of August. WTP (world triathlon pro-master) ill race against elite woman in Lisbon…COOL 🙂

Pictures from our day and the race!









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