Wonderful weekend in St.André….

Last weekend the “gang” hit St.André. We were 4 couples and our Turkish friend Baykal 🙂 It was great! Training, beach, grilled fish, music festival in Sines and card games.

A picture of the gang…im missing and Henrique (he was putting gas)

st andre 127

st andre 059


st andre 063


Shopping for the weekend

I had a hard weekend of training, but i managed to do my workouts before everyone woke up. On Saturday i went for a very nice ride with my friend Joao. We did a 60km ride over a nice and hilly course. The bike was followed by 50 minute run with series (7×4 minutes Z-4)

st andre 126


We spent Saturday afternoon on the beach

st andre 090


Henrique and André playing chess


st andre 089


Saturday night we went to a music festival in Sines.

st andre 093

st andre 094


On Sunday morning, when everyone was still sleeping i headed out on a 100km bike ride with series, 3x15minutes Z-4. André followed us for about 70km, not bad at all 🙂

After the bike we went to the beach for an hour and then we headed home to grill a delicious fresh fish for lunch.

st andre 066



st andre 074



Henrique and Maria



After lunch it was time for Baykal, Henrique and Daniel to start their journey. Henrique had planned a bike trip to show Portugal to Baykal. They were actually supposed to bike from Lisbon to St. André, but they skipped that stage 😉 so, their first stage started in St.André….

st andre 107

st andre 104

st andre 101

st andre 112

st andre 115

The gang is ready to start their journey… Baykal, Henrique and Daniel.

What a lovely weekend…



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