Vacation approaching and some changes in the race calendar…

Vacation is approaching 🙂 as off Monday i will be on vacation for 2 weeks, cant wait. I really need to rest and i will have time to focus 100% on my preparation for London.

Yesterday i went to try my race suit for London, awesome. I will post pictures here when i have it. Ill be racing in a swim suit model.

As i wrote in some earlier posts i was supposed to do an international race in Lisbon on the 10th of august, but it was cancelled 😦 its a shame, was looking forward to this race.

Dont worry, there is always a back-up plan 🙂

This weekend ill be racing 3 races. On Saturday ill be doing an open water swim race in the morning and a 10km run race in the evening. in between the races ill do my bike workout.

Sunday ill do another open water swim race (1,2km)

Both races will take place in Algarve, so André and i will spend the weekend with my dear friend Ceci and her parents at their place in Larga Vista. Some of you reading this blog have already spent some time there and you know that its paradise…

Picture from paradise…




Ceci is a doctor and spend most of her free time practicing, just like me. We are known within the triathlon world as the TTs (Twin towers) 🙂 we are the tallest woman around…

here are some pictures of me and TT (Ceci)

TT 2


Ceci to the left




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