Great weekend in Algarve and Victory in the UNICEF mini maratona…

We had the best weekend in paradise. Its something magic about Larga Vista…

On saturday morning i did the open water swim race (1.2km) in Praia da Rocha. The water was very warm, but choppy due to the wind. The result: Victory in Master A (25-29)


After the swim, Ceci and i headed back to Larga vista on our bikes and had a lovely lunch.




Saturday evening it was time to run. UNICEF had organized a run (9.4 km) in Vilamoura. It was actually the first edition of the run. I was a bit sceptic before the run. On thursday i suffered from strong cramps in my right calf after the swim workout and my calf had been giving me problems since friday…

Despite the the bad calf and the previous workouts that day i was feeling great and i WON the race :)!!! I was leading the race from start till the end. The girl who came 2nd attacked at 7km, but i managed to win the “attack”. When 500m was missing she was approaching again and i had to increase the pace again. It was a great feeling to pass that finish line, lifting that finish line ribbon 🙂 VICTORY!!!


On sunday morning it was time to race again, open water swim in Quarteira (1.2 km). We road our bikes to the race. The water was calm and the  temperature was great. Won Master A on sunday as well


Sunday afternoon we spent at Larga Vista, enjoying paradise….


What a lovely weekend




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