A long run in St.Andre….18km

Vacation is being great! We are having the best time here in St.Andre 🙂

Training is going very well, especially the run and bike.

I have been really lucky this past week. Andre and Pedro (Sporting athlete) have been training with me. Its hard to train alone when you are used to train in a group.

Today we had a long run on the program, 1h20min…Andre checked out a nice course on google maps.


We didnt really manage to stick to the plan and got a bit lost in the woods, so we ended up doing a bit more… 1h40min (18km). We kept a nice and slow pace and the course was very beautiful, felt like i could go on running for hours….

André kept us company during the run (riding a bike) and made sure we got water and energy when needed, Thank you André




Tomorrow morning we are going to Algarve for some more racing. This weekend im just doing open water races.


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