“God only gives you what you can handle”…a mental challenge

Does he?! i don’t know… one dear family member once told me so, but sometimes i just think that he is being unfair…or should i learn something from all of this. Dont quite know the point yet, but ill get there.

At this moment i wish he could be a bit nicer and tell me ” Katarina, you have been working hard, so ill support you on this one” 😉 but noooooooo…..its simply not that simple.


I have one big objective for this season, the world champs in London. During many workouts, where i have suffered i have kept my mind steady on my objective and i have been working hard to arrive in London in best possible shape. I assume that we can put up as many objectives as we want, but we can never know how our body will accept these objectives or if it will allow us to go for them….can we?!

In the beginning of the season, after working hard all winter by knee got injured and i did a knee surgery. The surgery was very successful and i have had a very good season so far. I can not complain about that.

I have never been so fit or fast as i was when i left St.Andre, but my body decided to stop cooperating. During my last vacation day i got some kind of infection in my body and im taking medication for that, so it should pass pretty soon. This doesnt worry me that much.

What worries me is a pain that has started to appear when running. The pain is located on the chest and the back. At first i thought it was the heart or something else, but its not. I really dont know what it is and i dont know what to do. It doesnt hurt during the swim or bike, strange.

I would like to be this super calm person and just think that it will all turn out well, but thats not the case. I have been working hard to get where i am. I just dont think that i deserve this one and my mind is quite worried. How will this affect my performance in London????

There are people saying that rest is good and that you dont loose that much, but i think ill agree with Emma Graaf on this one.

Jag var dålig. Å andra sidan, tränar man inte löpning på fyra veckor (bortsett 4 löppass på max 20 minuter) så kan man inte förvänta sig en bra löpning. Jag trodde nog innerst inne på mirakel och att jag inte skulle ha tappat så mycket. Alla har ljugit för mig, man tappar ALLT!”

you can read her blog here: http://triathlon.runnersworld.se/blogs/emmagraaf/index.htm

There is not much to do now, just wait and see….

“You do the best you can in all situations – and things eventually tend to work out quite well” – Lisa Norden


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