Back in Business…

I hope that you back in Sweden saw the Triathlon in Stockholm, or at least on TV!?

I didnt miss it and i must say that im impressed by the american Gwen Jorgensen who won the female race. She did 31´41 on the last 10km, Thats world class running. On top of that she ran faster than 19 elite men!!! IMPRESSIVE. Well done Gwen Jorgensen

Check out the summary from the race in below link.

The males race was all about Alistaire Brownlee, what an athlete. The most complete and amazing athlete the Triathlon world will ever see.

Check out the summary from the race in below link.

After a week without being able to run im finally back!

The problem in the back was solved by a brutal massage 😉 i call it that as i cried during the session, but it gave results. The pain is gone and i can run again, Thank God!

Today we did a hard brick (bike + run) with series on the bike and the run.

Was feeling well on the bike, but not that well on the run. I guess it will take some days before i get back to my good old running feeling.

Now its just missing 3 weeks to the world champs…

fotografia (31) Bike fotografia Bike Brick

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