Didn’t quite go as expected….Now its time to focus on London

Back home after a nice weekend in Aveiro. We have a really good team spirit and its always nice to be away with the team.

André spent the weekend with us 🙂 it was great to see him again. Its always a comfort to have him present on the race day.

But the race… no, it didnt go quite as i had expected. The swim was a disaster, the worse swim performance this season….

Did 4th overall, 2nd senior and 2nd female team.

As most of you already know i dont come from a swim background, just started to swim when i started to practice Triathlon.

Despite my background as a non swimmer i have managed to become a quite good swimmer and im constantly developing with the help of André. Well, during the workouts in the pool. But i dont manage to transfer the times i do in the pool in open water races or triathlon races. We have a girl in the team, Liliana. She is the best swimmer at the moment and always comes out of the water in first place or among the first. In the pool i manage to do workouts in her feet… this weekend she swam 2 minutest faster than me….

I know i shouldnt compare myself with girls that come from swimming backgrounds, you should do your own race etc, but its hard for me.

In 2010 i wont my first race on the portuguese circuit. When you win a race yr objectives start to change. I no longer race for age group podium, but overall. And in my opinion its quite easy to start comparing yourself with the other girls…and i guess it causes me some frustration.

well, well…back to the race….

The Swim…

Swim Start Aveiro

Swim Aveiro

Andre had told me to start at the right buoy, but i didnt. My stubbornness told me to go left side, among the girls, BIG MISTAKE! I got caught in the biggest water war so far this season and i couldnt swim. I had to stop, yes stop. I changed course and managed to start swimming again. At 600m i caught up with a girl that i usually beat with 2 minutes, now she was side by side with me. What happens?! My head stops working, i freaked out. I thought “the race is over for me”. The race didnt end there and i thought of a new strategy. Calm down Larsson, go with her till the end and get a good group on the bike that will bring you to the other girls… that was the plan

It didnt quite work that way. The transition didnt go well at all. The elastic holding up my shoe broke and i couldnt get the foot in the shoe. The course was very technical and i new i had to ware both shoes. So another decision had to be taken. I had to lose the group to fix my shoe problem.

We had to do 6 laps on the bike (40km). It took me 3 laps to get back into the race mentally…It wasnt easy. I managed to catch a nice group and the 3 last laps of the bike went well.

Bike Aveiro

The complete race wasnt a disaster. I was feeling quite good on the bike and the run was a real joy. Did the run isolated in 4th place and i was having good fun, it was feeling easy. Was running at 4´02″/km and i felt i had much more to give, thats very positive for the coming race in London.

Run Aveiro

Aveiro Podium


st andre 004

I have been training hard, the work is done!

Some easy workouts this week and on Thursday im flying to London…

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