The first days in London…

…have been totally amazing! 🙂 What an atmosphere… Triathletes all over the place. Professional athletes, age group athletes, young and old athletes.

The trip went well, however i don´t recommend taking the underground in London carrying a bike bag.




We are staying at a nice place close to Hyde Park, a 20 minute walk from the race


Yesterday i did the registration and got my race kit.

And guess who i met when i did my registration. One of the worlds best female athletes, Gwen Jorgensen. The girl who ran for 31´40 in Stockholm. She was very friendly 🙂


In the afternoon i went for a short run and the legs were feeling good.

During the evening on our way to the restaurant i met the one and only Jonny Brownlee 🙂 you cant imagine! It was like a 14 year old girl meeting Justin Bieber…heheh

Of course i took the opportunity and asked for a picture with him.


Me and Jonny Brownlee! Larsson Vs. Brownlee…

Mum and Dad are here as well 🙂 They are renting an apartment 300m from us, so we went for lunch at their place today. Eating out in London is expensive.

Today i did a light swim in the morning in the Serpentine, where we will swim on Sunday. Was feeling pretty good. The water is quite cold, but im sure i wont feel that Sunday.

During the afternoon we went for a short bike ride to make sure that everything is ok with the bike after the trip.

Im as ready as i can be for sunday…

I dont know any of the other 77 girls that im racing against Sunday.

I have trained hard, im in good shape!

I promise you all that i will go full out and do my very best….

PS. I will try to upload the pictures later, cause internet is slow here at our hotel 😦

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