7th at the World Champs in London

I finished on 7th place today out of 77 girls. Im very happy with my result, the competition was very strong today.

The race venue was amazing. They had closed down the roads of London just for our race..

Did a solid swim, a very good bike. Was leading the race into T2 (transition from bike to run) My hands were very cold so i took some time to get my running shoes. Heading out on the run some girls had already passed me…

The run was good, but not great! The girl who won did 35´53″…thats fast and im not there yet.

I will of course right a bigger race report when i come back from London 🙂

I also want to take the opportunity to wish my lovely mum HAPPY BIRTHDAY! it was great to have mum and dad here with me on a special day like today!

A big thanks to André who has been my biggest supporter in this journey!


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