A weekend full of activities…

My weekends tend to be filled with training and races and this one was no different.

Saturday morning started with a 4km swim followed by a 3h bike ride with series in Z5 (fast and hard)

In the beginning of the week i was feeling quite good and i was recovering quite well from my race in London. However this weekend i have been feeling quite weak and been struggling with the heat….35 degrees today.

Thank god i had my team mate Carlos pushing me up the hills on saturday.

Stopping to refill the water bottles in a small village.







Saturday evening André and i went to see Sporting play. They played against a team from north, Rio Ave. Sporting didnt play that well and the game ended 1-1.







The schedule for today, sunday was 60km bike + a 10km run race. Its a nice race that i did last year. It starts in Carcavelos and ends in Cascais.




I did 30km before the race together with Sporting´s Junior team.

During the warm-up my legs were feeling very heavy and i was tired after yesterdays workout. I knew it would be a challenge to get through the 10km. I was right! it was terrible. I think i never suffered so much during a running race. The legs didnt want to move and i was struggling with the heat. A top 10 finish was the result.




After the race i still had another 30km bike to do. So, Benek (another team mate) and i headed back home on our bikes….ouch, the legs were hurting.

I truly hope it gets cooler soon, a bit tired of this heat.



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