The Interview

It was good fun to read the interview, especially the part where i mention that i feel more Portuguese than Swedish or the fact that i dont have a social life as i spend all my time training and working.

They also mentioned that im a great surfer 😉 i did tell them that i used to surf, but when reading the interview it seems that im almost a professional surfer…

They even mentioned that mum and dad visit Portugal a lot and that they feel sad every time they have to go back to Sweden. So, mum and dad now Sporting´s fans know that you will retire in Portugal 😉

I will bring a copy to Sweden so that you can read it.









Preparing the half Marathon of Nazaré

My next race, and the last of the season will be a half Marathon in Nazaré on the 10th of November.

photo 13

photo 9

I’m just biking once a week and training technique in the pool. The main focus now is on the run and im enjoying it.

This weekend i did a very nice workout with my friend and team mate Carlos. We did 21 km with series (10 x 4 minutes Z4 (3´58″/km) – 2 minutes rest).

photo 10

photo 12


photo 11


André was riding his bike by our side and supporting us during the series. Its luxury to have someone on a bike helping you to keep the pace… Thank you André!

Also to mention that the weather was great, we are almost in November and yesterday we had 26 degrees.



photo 15


photo 14



We spent Sunday afternoon at André´s mothers biological farm.

Its great to see how her project is developing…

photo 5

photo 8

photo 7

photo 2



Coach Ludde´s training camp in Stockholm

I’m very happy to tell you all that i will be joining Coach Ludde´s ( Fredrik Lundin´s) training camp in Stockholm on the 15-17th of November.The camp will take place at Erikdalsbadet.

Fredrik is Lisa Nordén´s swim coach and was the swim head coach at the ITU Development camp in Portugal where André took part.

Fredrik Lundin

Coach Ludde

Coach Ludde 2

Details about the camp can be found in below link.

It will also be a great opportunity to meet my family while in Stockholm.

I want to thank my godmother Eva Reihner for making this possible…Thank you Eva!!

2nd at Corrida do Aeroporto (the airport run)

2nd overall was the result from today´s 10km race! Happy, Happy!




corrida do A12

Corrida do A2

Corrida do aA3

The race…

Did as usual 😉 started of very fast and i had to paid for that after 5km. The course wasnt easy, basically it was jut going up and down. I was leading the race till 5km, but the girl who won passed me at the 5km mark.

I have to learn how to start in a slower pace as i always have to pay for my fast starts.

Corrida do Aeroporto

Well, im happy with my second place and i got some real nice stuff. Won a weekend for two at a 5 start hotel in Alentejo, a leather computer bag, a ver nice pen and many more things 🙂 felt just like christmas


In the afternoon i went to FestiBike. Its a bike festival that is held every year in Santarém (A city 50km north of Lisbon). Its a great chance to see what is coming for next season, meet actual sponsors and new ones… 😉 Ill tell u more about that later…



Swim technique….one step back, focusing on doing it right

I think you have noticed that i mentioned my swim in many posts this season. The feeling that i never get it quite right…

I have been struggling quite a lot and my confidence in the water got quite low towards the end of the season.

So, we have decided to take one step back and focus on technique for a while. Not trying to swim fast or stress about times, simply just focusing on doing it right.

This morning André filmed and took pictures of me with his Ipad while swimming. After each drill he stopped me and show me what i had to improve. What a difference it makes to actually see what you do wrong.

Swim tech 3

Swiim techn 2

Swim T1


Sevilla European Cup cancelled

There will be no European Cup in Sevilla, it was cancelled 😦

Bellow is the official communication

It is with great regret that the European Triathlon Union confirm that the final European Cup of the season, scheduled for Sevilla on 19th October, will not go ahead.

The race organiser, B-Dream, have announced today that they can no longer host the event.

More information to follow

This is not the first race that B-Dream cancels races this season.

I was looking forward to race in Sevilla and to have the opportunity to race against elite athletes.

Well, there is always a back-up plan.

Ill be racing a 10km race on Sunday, Corrida do Aeroporto