Weekend full of rain

I asked for cooler temperatures and they came. It was bad weather all weekend. I didn’t mind, finally some autumn weather…

As a Swede i need cooler temperatures and i appreciate the different seasons.

We were supposed to do an open water workout Saturday followed by a bike ride. Due to weather conditions we had to change the plans.

We swam in Sporting´s pool and did a indoor bike session and some gym, great fun.








On Sunday the weather was much better and we were able to ride and run outside.

We did a hard workout and i was feeling great on the run.

The workout was: 60km bike + 40 min run directly off the bike.

The run was basically just series (5´Z3 (4´10″/km) +5+4+3+2+1´Z5 (3´40″/km)+ 5´Z3 (4´10″/km). We had a 2 minute rest between the series. A very nice workout.






Its missing 2 weeks till my next race…


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