Interview with Sporting Journal and race time…

Yesterday i did an interview for Sporting´s Journal.  I have done a few interviews for the journal before.

The journal will be out on the 24th of october.

Below are some old pics of the Sporting Journal. I will post pics of my interview as soon as its available.



Tomorrow its race time, the final of the national championship. The nationals were one of my main objectives before the season, but that changed when i had to do my knee surgery in march. I lost one of three races while recovering from my surgery and the second race was one week before the world champs in London…

Right now im in 4th place over all and it will be hard to get on the over all podium. I have been on the over all podium the past 2 years, but i never got the title as i didnt have my portuguese nationality.

Tomorrow´s race will take place in Lisbon. We will swim in Belem, in the Tagus river (1500m), bike from Belem to Alcantra (5 laps – 40km) and run close to the river (4 laps – 10km). Its a race that brings big crowds and the athletes have great support…

Ill try to enjoy the race as much as possible. Not feeling very confident with the swim…. Lets see…

Below are some pictures from the morning workout. We did a open water swim, short bike ride on the course and one lap on the running course.














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