Supporting a friend…Race report from Lisbon

Todays race didn’t go quite as expected. I did 6th overall and 2nd Senior in a very competitive field. Im very proud of the fact that i could help my team mate and friend Liliana to become second in the national championships…





So, the race

As it was the final of the nationals the girls were going to start 15 minutes ahead of the guys and we were not allowed to ride in the wheel of the guys. I think its fair…Many girls get the support from the guys, but today we had to do the work alone. Its also nice to avoid some confusion during the swim. Usually we are 300 athletes starting at the same time, today we were around 20 girls. I can tell you that its a huge difference.

The race was due to start at 12h30. The tide had started to go down and the current had become really strong…yes, really strong. 

Off we went! I never thought i would be able to pass the first buoy. The current was strong and i was swimming at the same place for ages, at least it felt so. I finally manage to pass the buoy and the remaining part was easier.

To my surprise i came out of the water with my team mate Liliana. She usually leaves the water in first place. She took the wrong turn in the water and had to go back. When i realized that she was with me into T1 i took the decision. I would do anything to get her to the first pack. 


We left T1 together and i pushed her on the bike till we reached the second pack of girls. Ahead of us were 3 girls that would be hard to reach. It was also not that important for us to catch the other girls. They had not done the first 2 races of the nationals and they were not fighting for the over all national podium. I did the most part of the bike in front pushing the other girls. Some parts of the course were quite windy, but i was feeling good.

I entered T2 in 4th place, but lost 2 positions on the run. The hard work on the bike did show during the run. I was pretty tired and it was hot!!

Triatlo Lisboa




There will be no more races in Portugal this season, this was the last! 

Now its time to get dressed and enjoy Seu Jorge´s concert 🙂


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