2nd at Corrida do Aeroporto (the airport run)

2nd overall was the result from today´s 10km race! Happy, Happy!




corrida do A12

Corrida do A2

Corrida do aA3

The race…

Did as usual 😉 started of very fast and i had to paid for that after 5km. The course wasnt easy, basically it was jut going up and down. I was leading the race till 5km, but the girl who won passed me at the 5km mark.

I have to learn how to start in a slower pace as i always have to pay for my fast starts.

Corrida do Aeroporto

Well, im happy with my second place and i got some real nice stuff. Won a weekend for two at a 5 start hotel in Alentejo, a leather computer bag, a ver nice pen and many more things 🙂 felt just like christmas


In the afternoon i went to FestiBike. Its a bike festival that is held every year in Santarém (A city 50km north of Lisbon). Its a great chance to see what is coming for next season, meet actual sponsors and new ones… 😉 Ill tell u more about that later…



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