Preparing the half Marathon of Nazaré

My next race, and the last of the season will be a half Marathon in Nazaré on the 10th of November.

photo 13

photo 9

I’m just biking once a week and training technique in the pool. The main focus now is on the run and im enjoying it.

This weekend i did a very nice workout with my friend and team mate Carlos. We did 21 km with series (10 x 4 minutes Z4 (3´58″/km) – 2 minutes rest).

photo 10

photo 12


photo 11


André was riding his bike by our side and supporting us during the series. Its luxury to have someone on a bike helping you to keep the pace… Thank you André!

Also to mention that the weather was great, we are almost in November and yesterday we had 26 degrees.



photo 15


photo 14



We spent Sunday afternoon at André´s mothers biological farm.

Its great to see how her project is developing…

photo 5

photo 8

photo 7

photo 2



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