2nd at the half marathon in Nazare…

It was a nice way to end this season with a 2nd place at the half marathon today 🙂






It was a very hard race. I was expecting the first 4km´s to be hard, but it wasnt just the first 4km´s.

The course was hardly flat and i was suffering a bit with the heat. Started way back in the filed and worked myself up to second place. Was feeling pretty good till 10km, but then i started to suffer quite a lot. There was even a time when i thought i was going to give up. But then i thought, come on Larsson, its yr last race of the season…lets do it.

I dont know if it was the heat or lack of energy, but at 15km i started to feel quite dizzy. There were 2 guys by my side that supported me till 19km. Their support was crucial…

The last km was pure suffering and all i wanted to do was to pass that finish line…and i eventually did 😀

It felt great with an overall podium to end this season.

Oh and by the way. It was Garett McNamara who pulled the trigger of the starting gun 🙂










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