A week back home in Sweden…

Back home in Portugal after spending one wonderful week in Sweden. Its always great to be close to family and friends.

Spent the first weekend in Stockholm where I attended Coach Ludde´s (Fredrik Lundin) swim training camp in Stockholm. Fredrik works as the elite coach at Polisens IF and is supporting Lisa Nordén when she is training in Sweden.




Coach Ludde camp1


Coach Ludde 1


Coach Ludde 2


Coach Ludde 3

The camp was very nice. It was nice to compare how Swedish triathlete’s train. But I think the best part was to meet so many new triathletes, new friends. I hope to have many Swedish triathletes visiting me in 2014. We spoke about doing a training camp in Portugal during 2014, lets see.

However, the best part of the weekend was to spend time with family. Stayed at my brother’s place. He and his girlfriend treated me like a princess. Saturday night I was invited for a dinner at my godmother Eva´s place. She cooked a really nice meal and we had a really good time together.







Sunday we were off to Lidingö to celebrate grandma’s birthday. She seem to have recovered quite well from her stroke…

Hope to see her soon again.

Spent the rest of the week at mums and dads place in Malmö. No matter how old you get there is something special about going home to mum and dad.  We had a really good time together.


Also got to spend some real nice time with my baby brother Jakob and my best friend Sofia.

Another 2 weeks of rest lies ahead of me, then its time to start to prepare season 2014 … cant wait.




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