Back in Sweden for Christmas

Back in Sweden for Christmas.


Even if i consider Portugal as my home, there is something about being back in sweden over christmas. Its actually the only time during the year when all the family is gathered.

Spent the first days at my best friend Sofia´s place in Lund and we had the best time. She was treating me like a princess 🙂 Thank you Sofia!



Sofia and I




After the run session…




Sofia and I out running…




The swimming pool in Lund



Friday night my younger brother had a christmas party at this place. It was such a good time to meet up with old friends that i havent met for ages.




Now im in Malmö at my parents place. Mum always make sure that the Christmas spirit is on top! Love it…


Mum and Dad are supporting me on keeping my training regime. This morning we went to the local gym and did a swim and spinning (bike) session 🙂






Tomorrow im going for a run with an old friend that i havent seen for many years. Actually i have 2 run workouts tomorrow 😉 Lets see if i can get my brother to join me during the second session…


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