I’m back In Portugal…Its good to be back in the sun.


Christmas was great, thanks mum and dad for always making it so special.




Grandma and I…




Santa Claus was very generous and I got some really nice gifts 😉

On the 25th I went for a run with Marie. Marie is an old friend I haven’t seen for almost 10 years. Marie is competing in bikini fitness and has become one of the best in Sweden.

She has a blog in Swedish and English: www.missmarymansson.se

She has made some nice posts about our run.

We ran in Hofterup, where Ii used to live before I moved to Portugal. It was great to be back and things looks just like they did 10 years ago…


We did a quite hard interval session. 6×1 Z5 (3´50 pace) and 3×6´ Z3 (4´20 pace), total time of 1h15min.


During the afternoon on the 25th we (the Larsson league) went to see the Swedish movie “Hundraåringen som klev ut genom fönstret och försvann”. It was good fun and we laughed a lot, you should definitely see it.

It’s my birthday tomorrow, so André and I are off to Alentejo to spend the weekend at a SPA, Nice!!!


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