A Very nice Birthday

Had a wonderful birthday

At the airport race earlier this year i won a voucher, a weekend for two at a 5 star hotel & Spa in Vila Viçosa, Alentejo.


The hotel is called Alentejo Marmoris Hotel & Spa – www.alentejomarmoris.com  (check it out)




André and i decided to spend my birthday here, great idea.

I have been to Vila Viçosa before as one of the races on the portuguese triathlon circuit takes place in this little town.

Its a very beautiful place and very calm, perfect escape from the daily life in Lisbon.

In the morning, after enjoying a nice hotel breakfast we went out for a run. I did the run course of the race and ran up to the small castle located in the middle of the town.





At lunch time we went to a cosy place that belongs to the local Sporting fans. Actually one of the local sporting fans remembered me from the triathlon race earlier this year 🙂 As an Sporting athlete i was treated like a princess and they even gave me a birthday present, a scarf from the local Sporting fan club.



During the afternoon we spent a few hours in the spa section and André offered me a real nice treatment, lovely.

Couldnt have had a better birthday…

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