Spanish Team

Next season ill be representing a Spanish team in triathlon, Trival Triatlon Valdemoro

They made a communication on facebook about the new female team for 2014.

It will be good fun to race in the spanish league and get some new experiences.

Spanish Team


The communication on facebook…


Back on the road…

Friday i did my last presentation at school (went very well), so now its all about training.

This weekend i was finally back on the road with my team mates.

I didn’t receive my new sponsor bike yet, but my dear friend Diogo has lend me one of his bikes so that i could start to ride with the team.

Larsson Bike

I have not been riding on the road since november 2013 and i was kind of worried how i would feel. As you know i have been keeping my bike shape at the gym attending spinning classes.

I felt great, the preparation i have done in the gym has paid off. Saturday we did a 60km hilly course and today we did a 80km hilly course with series. We did the series on a bike racing track, so much fun. Even if it was raining and the ground was wet i put full speed…good fun!

Also to mention that it was nice to finally get to use my new material from Spiuk that will sponsor me next season 🙂 love the helmet and glasses.








After the bike i did a 40 min run.

Now its time to rest…need to recover after the 8 hours of training i did this weekend…

Last week i met with Sporting´s doctor and next Friday im seeing a back specialist.

3rd at my second training race of the season!

Its been another weekend full of training and one more training race.

This weekend it was 12km in Torres Vedras. The objective i had for this race was to control the pace during the first part and then, if possible, run faster towards the end.




The course was quite hilly and the wind was very strong. I started of in a controlled pace and kept a stable pace all the way till the end. The legs were a bit tired after all the workouts from the week, but i was expecting to feel worse. My back, that has been bothering me for the past 4 weeks was also feeling quite good.

Came 3rd overall and 2nd in my age group. My team mate Liliana won the race 🙂 congrats Lili!




Related to my back. For the ones who have been following me during the past years knows that i have had some issue with my back. Usually i have problems in the beginning of the season. This season has been a bit harder than the others, my back has been causing me more problems than usual.

I have done several exams throughout the years and i know that i have some “issues”.

However, back in 2011 i woke up one morning and my right hip was out of place. It looks like im almost leaning to the left side. So far no doctor has been able to detect the problem, but the riddle has been solved. Its a bone in my back that has grown too much and is the double of the size. This is causing me problems to rotate in the swim and to lift my right leg during the run. It also causes tension and pain in the back muscles that have been quite strong during the past weeks.


I will see Sporting’s doctor next week to see how we will proceed.

Till then ill continue to train and control the pain…  🙂

Gym, bike, Run, Swim and victory at the first “training” race of the season…

Its been all about training today 🙂

This morning i did a 30 min gym session at Club Fit followed by 1h bike session with series.










After Lunch i had a 5.2km running race on the schedule. The race was in Moita, a small village on the other side of the bridge. I have not been training that much running during the past weeks, so the purpose of this race was to get some speed work done.

The coming weeks ill have many small running races to put some speed in the legs for the coming season.



Parts of Sporting Triathlon Team

Was feeling great during the race and was able to keep a quite good pace 3:52/km…The competition wasnt strong so i managed to win with good margin.


After the race we went back to Lisbon for the last session of the day, 2km swim workout.


What a great day!


Club fit Healthclub

This season Sporting’s Triathlon team will have the support of a gym in Lisbon, Club Fit Healthclub.

For me its perfect. Im still waiting for my new sponsor bike so i can do all my bike workouts at Club Fit.

This morning the weather was bad, so most part of the team did a nice bike + run session together.

We did 1h15min bike with series followed by a 20 min run. It was my first transition workout of the season. After the bike+ run session we did some gym.

Club Fit Sporting 3

Club Fit Sporting 2

Club fit Sporting 1

This afternoon i have another run workout waiting for me, 1h with series (2x15min Z3)…

Feels good to be back training hard again 🙂



This season ill have a new experience.

Sporting will have a nutritionist working with the athletes. I never worked with any nutritionist before and im very curious to see what i can get out of it. Hopefully ill learn a lot and get some tips on how to eat “better”.

So, the first task he gave us was to register every single thing we eat/drink during 7 days. I’m walking around with my food dairy to make sure i cover all my meals during the day.



My food dairy…


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!

Had a very good last day of 2013…

In the morning i swam 4700m followed by a run with hills (5x400m hills)

Run hills

Despite of being the first hill session since i returned from my “vacation” i felt pretty good.

In the afternoon we drove to Sesimbra for the New Years celebration.

Sesimbra is located 60km south of lisbon close to the sea.

Map Sesimbra

Our friends have a house there and that’s where the celebration would take place.

Seisimbra 2




Sesimbra 9


Seisimbra 8

We had a fantastic evening, dancing to music from the 90s and enjoying life. Close to midnight we went down to the village to see the fireworks.

On the 1st of January we celebrated Andrés birthday and went to a very nice cape near by called Cabo Espichel.

Sesimbra 11


Seisimba 4


Sesimbra 10

The location is famous for the a sanctuary complex (Santuário de Nossa Senhora do Cabo Espichel), built extremely close to the edge of the tall cliffs, which includes a church still in use today.

Seisimbra 3