Back on the road…

Friday i did my last presentation at school (went very well), so now its all about training.

This weekend i was finally back on the road with my team mates.

I didn’t receive my new sponsor bike yet, but my dear friend Diogo has lend me one of his bikes so that i could start to ride with the team.

Larsson Bike

I have not been riding on the road since november 2013 and i was kind of worried how i would feel. As you know i have been keeping my bike shape at the gym attending spinning classes.

I felt great, the preparation i have done in the gym has paid off. Saturday we did a 60km hilly course and today we did a 80km hilly course with series. We did the series on a bike racing track, so much fun. Even if it was raining and the ground was wet i put full speed…good fun!

Also to mention that it was nice to finally get to use my new material from Spiuk that will sponsor me next season šŸ™‚ love the helmet and glasses.








After the bike i did a 40 min run.

Now its time to rest…need to recover after the 8 hours of training i did this weekend…

Last week i met with SportingĀ“s doctor and next Friday im seeing a back specialist.

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