Sporting┬┤s female team 2nd at Arronche…

We finished 2nd at the first stage of the National Duathlon championship, which was very good!


As per my individual results. Im not quite happy with the start of this season. I knew that the competition was strong and i also knew that the first run would be crucial…

Woke up with a sore throat saturday morning and was even doubting if i would stand on the start line. However, i decided to go and i made a good choice. The throat got better during the trip and didnt affect me during the race…

The first run was terrible. The girls started of in a very hard pace and i tried to follow. I didnt manage and lost the first pack. My running is simply not on their level…

As we started 3 min after the boys we were not allowed to ride on their wheels. I came into the first transition alone and did the bike (20km) all by myself. Was doing my outmost to catch the first pack that was 45 seconds ahead of me, but i didnt manage. I passed two girls on the bike and I tried to make them work with me. Its easier if your a small group working together on the bike. They didnt manage to keep my pace and i was on my own again trying to catch the pack…


During the second run i was feeling a bit better, but it was impossible improve any positions. Finished 7th overall and 4th senior. My team mate Liliana did a good race and finished 3rd. I came in as second counting for the team and my friend Catarina closed the team.


Time to move on and focus on the next race….

Below is a picture of the team with our sponsor car from LEXUS ­čśÇ

Arronche 1

Today i got my new shoes from┬áLima & Lim├úo, Cycling Services ­čÖé handmade cycling shoes from BONT



Time to race… National Team Champs in Duathlon

The bags are packed…

sporting 4

Tomorrow the team is of to Arronche (Alentejo) to race the first stage (total of four) of the National Team championship in Duathlon (run-bike-run). We will race the sprint distance, which starts of with a 5km run, followed by a 20km bike and it ends with a 2,5km run. It a very fast race, but yet extremely hard.

Its nice to start of the season with a team race to reduce the individual pressure a bit.

Im expecting some hard competition tomorrow, there will be many very good runners in the field and the first run will be crucial. The good thing is that the woman starts 3 minutes after the boys and we cant ride in their wheel. This is quite good for me as im a strong biker.

Let see how it goes, dont have too high expectations as for my individual performance. I think we can make an over all podium as a Team which is the objective.

To prepare for tomorrows race i did a 4.1 km swim workout this morning, including a 2000m swim test and 1h15 bike ride with my friend from the team, Catarina.

Its always hard to tell one day before how ill feel on the race day, but i guess ill figure that out tomorrow…

Sporting 1

The couples run “Corrida dos Namorados”

This weekend, ┬áSaturday, i did another training race, ” The couples run “. It was a relay, where you and your partner ran 6 km each. As Andr├ę is not training i did the relay with my friend Diogo from Sporting┬┤s Tri-Team.

The men started first and handed over to the ladies after 6 km.  Diogo did a good run and was in 5th place when i took off. I did a quite solid run and passed one girl on the first lap, but i was passed by a girl at the end and we finished 5th. Our team mates Liliana and Jorge did a great race and finished 2nd.

Corrida dos namorados. 1


Diogo handing over to me…


Namorados corrida


Diogo running…

I really enjoyed the concept of this race and i had lots of fun.

Mum and dad are in Portugal now, unfortunately they missed my race. I’m sure they would have enjoyed to watch it.

Next weekend i have my first Duathlon of the season (run-bike-run).

I would like to take the opportunity to wish Happy Birthday to my dear godmother Eva! She has been following and supporting my sports “career” since i was a little girl, Thank you Eva.

Run to the hills..

Run for your life…

Every Wednesday i run to a park nearby home to do my weekly hill session. Yesterday was one of those days when id rather stay at home. It was raining and the wind was strong. My legs were tired after Sundays race and the motivation low.

I know that these workouts are important and i know that i cant always feel food during practice, but sometimes it hurts badly. I managed to find some inner strength and with the support of Andre i did it, 8 x 400m hills. When the legs were burning at its most i tried to keep my mind on keeping the rhythm….



Hills 3


Photo-shoot for Compressport International

The past weekend was filled with workouts,another training race and a photo shoot for Compressport international

On Saturday i did 1h20 min swim followed by 3h40 min bike ride. The bike workout was really hard. We were riding over a very hilly course and did our series climbing which made it extra hard.

On Sunday we did a short bike ride 1h40 followed by another training race. It was the regional (Lisbon) championship in running (5.2km) The course was not easy, but i felt really well till 3km. I opened way too fast (3:36/km) and paid for that at the end of the race.




Did 5th overall and 3rd senior.

In the afternoon i did a photo shoot for Compressport international. Had so much fun and met really nice people. Also to mention is that i got some real nice material with me back home ­čÖé


Below picture is from the airport race. It will be published in the new Compressport catalog coming out soon.

Compressport Kat