Photo-shoot for Compressport International

The past weekend was filled with workouts,another training race and a photo shoot for Compressport international

On Saturday i did 1h20 min swim followed by 3h40 min bike ride. The bike workout was really hard. We were riding over a very hilly course and did our series climbing which made it extra hard.

On Sunday we did a short bike ride 1h40 followed by another training race. It was the regional (Lisbon) championship in running (5.2km) The course was not easy, but i felt really well till 3km. I opened way too fast (3:36/km) and paid for that at the end of the race.




Did 5th overall and 3rd senior.

In the afternoon i did a photo shoot for Compressport international. Had so much fun and met really nice people. Also to mention is that i got some real nice material with me back home 🙂


Below picture is from the airport race. It will be published in the new Compressport catalog coming out soon.

Compressport Kat


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