The couples run “Corrida dos Namorados”

This weekend,  Saturday, i did another training race, ” The couples run “. It was a relay, where you and your partner ran 6 km each. As André is not training i did the relay with my friend Diogo from Sporting´s Tri-Team.

The men started first and handed over to the ladies after 6 km.  Diogo did a good run and was in 5th place when i took off. I did a quite solid run and passed one girl on the first lap, but i was passed by a girl at the end and we finished 5th. Our team mates Liliana and Jorge did a great race and finished 2nd.

Corrida dos namorados. 1


Diogo handing over to me…


Namorados corrida


Diogo running…

I really enjoyed the concept of this race and i had lots of fun.

Mum and dad are in Portugal now, unfortunately they missed my race. I’m sure they would have enjoyed to watch it.

Next weekend i have my first Duathlon of the season (run-bike-run).

I would like to take the opportunity to wish Happy Birthday to my dear godmother Eva! She has been following and supporting my sports “career” since i was a little girl, Thank you Eva.

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