Time to race… National Team Champs in Duathlon

The bags are packed…

sporting 4

Tomorrow the team is of to Arronche (Alentejo) to race the first stage (total of four) of the National Team championship in Duathlon (run-bike-run). We will race the sprint distance, which starts of with a 5km run, followed by a 20km bike and it ends with a 2,5km run. It a very fast race, but yet extremely hard.

Its nice to start of the season with a team race to reduce the individual pressure a bit.

Im expecting some hard competition tomorrow, there will be many very good runners in the field and the first run will be crucial. The good thing is that the woman starts 3 minutes after the boys and we cant ride in their wheel. This is quite good for me as im a strong biker.

Let see how it goes, dont have too high expectations as for my individual performance. I think we can make an over all podium as a Team which is the objective.

To prepare for tomorrows race i did a 4.1 km swim workout this morning, including a 2000m swim test and 1h15 bike ride with my friend from the team, Catarina.

Its always hard to tell one day before how ill feel on the race day, but i guess ill figure that out tomorrow…

Sporting 1

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