A good weekend

Yesterday, Saturday, i did another great event with Compressport. I ran the 10km run – Level II with the participants. We were supposed to go in an easy pace 5´00-5´30″/km. But what happens when you run with guys? the push the pace 😉 So we ended running the 10km much faster. One guy did his PB on 10km, really happy for him.









Before the event i did a 2h bike session at home, starting at 7:30am…

The day ended with an open water swim session.

Open water session

Open water session 1

Today the rain was poring down…but that didn’t stop us. We went to a park near by and did bike/run transitions. 6 x (2 minutes hard on the bike, then we ran 800m full speed). I was feeling quite well.

TT training





Bola TV

Today i did the interview for Bola TV, one of Portugal´s biggest sports magazine. They also have a TV channel where my interview will be broadcasted.


The program that ill appear on is about foreign athletes that lives in Portugal. “Legião Estrangeira”

I felt extremely relaxed before the interview. I have done some small interviews before after races, but this would be the first studio interview, the first “real” one. Ok, i must admit that when the cameras were turned on my heart beat increased a bit 😉


The girl who interview me, Sandra, was really nice and we had good fun before, during and after the interview.




Basically i spoke about my life, about my family, about Portugal, about sports. I think we covered it all. I got great feedback from the Bola TV team after the interview, which was very nice 😀






My interview will be broadcasted in one month and ill post it here on my blog.

Another great experience that ill remember as long as i live.

Event with Compressport – Compressport Testing Zone

On Saturday I’m participating in another event with my sponsor Compressport – Compressport Testing Zone.

I will take the participants for a 5 or 10km run, don’t know yet which distance ill run. This time ill do it together with my friend Vanessa Pereira, Portugal´s best long distance triathlete. Vanessa is also sponsored by Compressport.

Had such a good time last time and I’m sure ill have good fun on Saturday.




A good race

On Sunday i participated in the first stage of the national team championship in triathlon.

photo 5

I was quite stressed out before this race. I didn’t know how my back would cooperate and I didn’t know what performance i could expect from myself. I knew that the level of competitiveness had increased significantly from last season. Young talented athletes are starting to perform on a high level.

56 girls were in the ice-cold water at 12am on Sunday eager to start the first triathlon of the season. I was feeling quite calm, despite the fact that i had been stressed out the days before the race.

photo 1

The swim went as expected, left the water in the 2nd pack 40 seconds behind the first girls. The transition went well and we were heading out on the bike trying to catch the 6 girls that were in the first pack. I would say that i pushed our group 80% of the time. I’m a strong biker and to make sure that we would not lose time i had to set a high pace. We didn’t manage to gain any time on the first girls and came into T2 50 seconds behind the leading group.

photo 2


photo 3


photo 4

The race was decided on the run. The girl who won the race and who finished second was in my pack and managed to chase down the leading girls. I did a solid run, but nothing special. Was feeling quite tired on the first lap after the bike.

Finished 12th overall (9th Portuguese – 3 athletes were from Spain) and 4th senior.

We did 3rd as a team 🙂

Podium 3

I’m happy with this result. It doesn’t get more competitive than this.

I’m very motivated to get back to hard training and prepare the coming race in 3 weeks


“If you’re physically fit you are mentally fit” – Alistair Brownlee

I tend to agree. If you stand on the start line and you know that you are in good shape, that you are strong, you will excel, body and mind are synchronized.

For the ones that has been reading my blog you know that i have been suffering with my back during the preparation for this season. I have been seeing doctors, getting treatments, everything to keep the pain under control and to be able to train as much as possible. But Im not 100%, Im not able to push my body to the point i wish i could.

I guess sports isn’t always a fair game, is it?! Each one of us has to accept our limitation wether its an injury, time or something else stopping you from training as much as you would like to. Sometimes its hard to accept and adjust to these limitations, to accept the fact that maybe it simply doesn’t get better than this.

I feel that this season will be like a mental and physical lottery. It will depend on how my back decides to cooperate and i will have to adjust accordingly. Its not always easy to adjust a strong mind to a body that doesn’t want to follow.

I guess i have to be thankful for the races where i will feel well and accept the ones where i wont feel well.

On sunday ill be participating in my first triathlon of this season. Im supposed to feel good after a week of taper. This morning my back decided to go on strike again and the feeling wasn’t the one i was hoping to have two days before my first triathlon of the season. Competition is fierce this year and high performance is required.

Lets see how the back decides to feel on sunday morning and do the best out of the situation.

Alistaire London

Video from Lezirias

Below is a link to the TV program that was shown from the race in Lezirias. “Corrida das Lezirias”

I appear towards the end (from minute 16)

I have been invited to participate in a TV program next week. Its a program about foreign athletes that lives and train in Portugal….quite exited about that! Lets hope i don’t get too nervous 😉





Hills, Swim and football

On Sunday we had 4x500m hills on the bike and an open water swim session on the schedule.

The purpose of the hill session was to simulate race situations. We had to go out pretty hard and try to maintain the pace…



Weekend 2

My chain broke on the first one, so i had to stop 😦 i was quite pissed as i just have time to train bike with the team during the weekends. But what started of as a bad workout had a happy ending. Two very nice guys stopped and fixed my chain. They were riding their mountain-bikes and were equipped with tools that saved my workout…

Weekend 7


Weekend 4


Weekend 6

So, i ended up completing the workout. Did 2 hills with my bike and borrowed one of my team mates bikes for the remaining 2 hills.

On the way back i had a flat tired…Murphy, Murphy!!

During the afternoon we went for a swim session in the sea. The water was ice cold, but we managed to complete a 40min session.

Weekend 10


Weekend 11


Weekend 8

To end the day we went to see some football. Sporting beat Porto 1-0, the stadium was on fire…

Weekend 13

Summer Saturday…

The summer has arrived to Portugal. Today we had over 20 degrees and i got my first tan while riding my bike

Today we had bike with series and transition training on the schedule.

Here are some pictures from today.

Also to mention is that i got a new bike saddle from Andre on Friday, love it. Would recommend it, especially for woman.





My new lovely saddle from ADAMO… like it a lot!


















This season Sporting´s Tri-Team has got a sponsorship from SKECHERS.

I must admit that i was a bit skeptic in the beginning. I remember using SKECHERS when i was younger, but not as a running shoe. It was fashion at that time to have a pair of SKECHERS

I have been given 2 pair of shoes, Go Run 2 and Go Run 3 and I’m impressed, they are great. They are extremely light, but have good stability. I’m a bit of a “seated” runner and the shoe helps me to run more on the toes rather than on the heal.

I’m using the Go Run 2 for training and last night, running 8×400 on the track i used the Go Run 3. Again i was positively surprised…a very good shoe for speed workouts and racing.

I truly recommend for you to try SKECHERS, I’m sure you will get positively surprised…

Sketchers 2

Sketchers 3

Sketchers 4