A Long weekend

A long and good weekend is coming to its end.

I was off work today due to Carnaval that is celebrated here in Portugal.

As usual when a long weekend is coming up i tend to focus on training. This weekend i did some pretty nice workouts that hopefully will be beneficial for me at my first Triathlon race in 3 weeks time.

Saturday i did a swim and bike session. Unfortunately the weather was bad so we had to ride inside on our trainers. Saturday evening i went to see Sporting play and win another game. They are currently 2nd in the Portuguese football league.




Sunday i did a bike/run transition with series on the bike and run. We did 4x1000m on the run and i had to run for 3´39″/km. Managed to do better than targeted time and i did: 3´37, 3´33, 3´29 and 3´27. Hope to be able to transmit this good “run feeling” in the coming races…

Today i went for a 3h30 bike ride with some team mates. Was feeling quite tired and the wind was strong…

After the bike we trained transitions (Run/bike)




The long training weekend ended with a open water swim session, the first one of the season…brrrr…it was freezing.




To summarize, a great weekend

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