2nd at Corrida das Lezirias

The weekend was great… good fun at the workout “Just Girls” with my sponsor Compressport and a 2nd place overall today at the run race Corrida das Leziriras.

Saturday morning the sun was shining and it was 20 degrees in Lisbon. Perfect weather for the “Just Girls” workout.  I took the girls for a 10km run along with the Tagus river. We had so much fun 🙂

Just Girls





Saturday afternoon we did a very tough workout in the pool (swim/bike) we did 3 sets of (3x100m swim + 2 minutest on the bike). Even if i was feeling very tired from last weeks workouts i did a good workout and my swimming was quite good.

Sporting swim bike workout 1

Sporting swim bike sessio

The highlight of the swim workout was when Andre decided to race two of his athletes, 50m. For those who doesn’t know Andre was a top triathlete when he was younger. Unfortunately he had to stop his career due to a back injury. Andre won the challenge.. 😉


This morning i had 1h30 bike with series and a 15.7km run race on the schedule. The bike workout went well, but my legs were quite tired and i was a bit worried about the run.

To my surprise i felt great on the run. It was a pleasure to run those 15.7km. I was running an average of 4´01/km and i felt i had more in my legs, lovely feeling. I finished in 2nd, 45 seconds after my team mate Liliana that did a great race.





Another great weekend coming to its end… now its just missing 2 weeks to my first triathlon of the season..

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