This season Sporting´s Tri-Team has got a sponsorship from SKECHERS.

I must admit that i was a bit skeptic in the beginning. I remember using SKECHERS when i was younger, but not as a running shoe. It was fashion at that time to have a pair of SKECHERS

I have been given 2 pair of shoes, Go Run 2 and Go Run 3 and I’m impressed, they are great. They are extremely light, but have good stability. I’m a bit of a “seated” runner and the shoe helps me to run more on the toes rather than on the heal.

I’m using the Go Run 2 for training and last night, running 8×400 on the track i used the Go Run 3. Again i was positively surprised…a very good shoe for speed workouts and racing.

I truly recommend for you to try SKECHERS, I’m sure you will get positively surprised…

Sketchers 2

Sketchers 3

Sketchers 4




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