Hills, Swim and football

On Sunday we had 4x500m hills on the bike and an open water swim session on the schedule.

The purpose of the hill session was to simulate race situations. We had to go out pretty hard and try to maintain the pace…



Weekend 2

My chain broke on the first one, so i had to stop 😦 i was quite pissed as i just have time to train bike with the team during the weekends. But what started of as a bad workout had a happy ending. Two very nice guys stopped and fixed my chain. They were riding their mountain-bikes and were equipped with tools that saved my workout…

Weekend 7


Weekend 4


Weekend 6

So, i ended up completing the workout. Did 2 hills with my bike and borrowed one of my team mates bikes for the remaining 2 hills.

On the way back i had a flat tired…Murphy, Murphy!!

During the afternoon we went for a swim session in the sea. The water was ice cold, but we managed to complete a 40min session.

Weekend 10


Weekend 11


Weekend 8

To end the day we went to see some football. Sporting beat Porto 1-0, the stadium was on fire…

Weekend 13

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