“If you’re physically fit you are mentally fit” – Alistair Brownlee

I tend to agree. If you stand on the start line and you know that you are in good shape, that you are strong, you will excel, body and mind are synchronized.

For the ones that has been reading my blog you know that i have been suffering with my back during the preparation for this season. I have been seeing doctors, getting treatments, everything to keep the pain under control and to be able to train as much as possible. But Im not 100%, Im not able to push my body to the point i wish i could.

I guess sports isn’t always a fair game, is it?! Each one of us has to accept our limitation wether its an injury, time or something else stopping you from training as much as you would like to. Sometimes its hard to accept and adjust to these limitations, to accept the fact that maybe it simply doesn’t get better than this.

I feel that this season will be like a mental and physical lottery. It will depend on how my back decides to cooperate and i will have to adjust accordingly. Its not always easy to adjust a strong mind to a body that doesn’t want to follow.

I guess i have to be thankful for the races where i will feel well and accept the ones where i wont feel well.

On sunday ill be participating in my first triathlon of this season. Im supposed to feel good after a week of taper. This morning my back decided to go on strike again and the feeling wasn’t the one i was hoping to have two days before my first triathlon of the season. Competition is fierce this year and high performance is required.

Lets see how the back decides to feel on sunday morning and do the best out of the situation.

Alistaire London

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