A good race

On Sunday i participated in the first stage of the national team championship in triathlon.

photo 5

I was quite stressed out before this race. I didn’t know how my back would cooperate and I didn’t know what performance i could expect from myself. I knew that the level of competitiveness had increased significantly from last season. Young talented athletes are starting to perform on a high level.

56 girls were in the ice-cold water at 12am on Sunday eager to start the first triathlon of the season. I was feeling quite calm, despite the fact that i had been stressed out the days before the race.

photo 1

The swim went as expected, left the water in the 2nd pack 40 seconds behind the first girls. The transition went well and we were heading out on the bike trying to catch the 6 girls that were in the first pack. I would say that i pushed our group 80% of the time. I’m a strong biker and to make sure that we would not lose time i had to set a high pace. We didn’t manage to gain any time on the first girls and came into T2 50 seconds behind the leading group.

photo 2


photo 3


photo 4

The race was decided on the run. The girl who won the race and who finished second was in my pack and managed to chase down the leading girls. I did a solid run, but nothing special. Was feeling quite tired on the first lap after the bike.

Finished 12th overall (9th Portuguese – 3 athletes were from Spain) and 4th senior.

We did 3rd as a team 🙂

Podium 3

I’m happy with this result. It doesn’t get more competitive than this.

I’m very motivated to get back to hard training and prepare the coming race in 3 weeks


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