Bola TV

Today i did the interview for Bola TV, one of Portugal´s biggest sports magazine. They also have a TV channel where my interview will be broadcasted.


The program that ill appear on is about foreign athletes that lives in Portugal. “Legião Estrangeira”

I felt extremely relaxed before the interview. I have done some small interviews before after races, but this would be the first studio interview, the first “real” one. Ok, i must admit that when the cameras were turned on my heart beat increased a bit 😉


The girl who interview me, Sandra, was really nice and we had good fun before, during and after the interview.




Basically i spoke about my life, about my family, about Portugal, about sports. I think we covered it all. I got great feedback from the Bola TV team after the interview, which was very nice 😀






My interview will be broadcasted in one month and ill post it here on my blog.

Another great experience that ill remember as long as i live.

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