A good weekend

Yesterday, Saturday, i did another great event with Compressport. I ran the 10km run – Level II with the participants. We were supposed to go in an easy pace 5´00-5´30″/km. But what happens when you run with guys? the push the pace 😉 So we ended running the 10km much faster. One guy did his PB on 10km, really happy for him.









Before the event i did a 2h bike session at home, starting at 7:30am…

The day ended with an open water swim session.

Open water session

Open water session 1

Today the rain was poring down…but that didn’t stop us. We went to a park near by and did bike/run transitions. 6 x (2 minutes hard on the bike, then we ran 800m full speed). I was feeling quite well.

TT training




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