The National Team

I guess that many athletes dream of representing their country in some sport event. Its been mine and my dream has come true.

After many years of hard training and dedication I’m finally going to represent Portugal in my first Elite race, Quarteira European Cup on the 12th of April. I have represented Portugal in Age-Group events before, but this will be the first “real” one, I have been called for the national team. I will stand on that start line with great athletes. Just writing about it makes my hear beat faster. It will be an experience of a life time. For many girls this is one of many, for me its the first.


As many of you know i have a full time job, go to university twice a week, so i could not get a better reward for all hard work i have put into triathlon.

I have no objective than to finish the race and enjoy this very special moment. It will be very competitive. I know that i don’t have a swim to go out among the first, ill probably lose quite some time. I feel confident about my bike and i know what i can run…So, ill try to relax as much as possible and enjoy the ride. Till then its 100% focus…

Want to thank my family, friends, godmother,boyfriend and coach for all the support i have got on this journey…




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